Marilyn Monroe Mixed Media

Last time I ever created an original work on canvas where Marilyn Monroe was the subject was around the mid 90’s. Working now in a studio dedicated to screen printing, I have found a new enjoyment in creating art pieces. Getting into screen printing and starting a series of famous people with a criminal or suspicious past, Marilyn popped up in my search. Not really wanting to duplicate Warhols claim on Marilyn, I used a more explicit use of the “halftone look”.


When standing at a distance, the variety of small and large dots come together to create Marilyn’s face. Up close Marilyn is hardly noticeable.

Marilyn Andy.jpeg


My collaboration with photographer Baron Wolman in the past lead to a series of limited edition prints titled: “Jerry Waving”. He photographed the Grateful Dead near the beginning of their life in music and here I create one of three new pieces being offered. This video introduces a new image of Jerry Garcia from the library of Mr. Wolman where I embellished it using acrylic paint. This painting began with no direction and concluded with a surprising twist nearing the end.

"Eye of the Needle" Part 2/2

The title of this painting was nowhere in sight until the ending was approaching. In the meanwhile it was a complete open journey putting colors, shapes and textures on this canvas.


With the desire to push myself just a little more, I decided to take this large canvas and create a challenge: Paint the upper half, cover it with brown paper, then paint the lower half without knowing how the two are going to mix. Later on when that area is almost complete, do a reveal to see how the two sections come together and continue painting to complete the work.


Some works of art are so powerful they can render you speechless and trying to describe it to someone is almost impossible. new words need to be invented TO TRY AND EXPRESS. I MADE TWO VISITS TO the national gallery of art TO observe and study this masterwork by jean-baptiste carpeaux. MAKING A SCULPTURE IS A ONE-TIME ACTION, THERE IS NO GOING BACK TO MAKE A CORRECTION.

The facial expression of this piece is incredible as the child listens to the ocean within the conch shell. The anatomy and details throughout is mesmerizing. In many pieces by so many artists of such excellence, It appears that they were never satisfied until they were able to surprise themselves in their ability to provide such details.

michelangelo: “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it”.


Here’s a large unstretched 83” X 83” canvas painted in acrylic.

At the start I wanted spontaneity to be the point of this new piece. The upper half was the first part to be painted and later I flipped the canvas to then work on what is the bottom part. I covered the lower half to avoid being influenced. Later on the brown paper will be removed and then the final outcome will be completed.


This beloved elephant-headed Hindu god is known by many other names but most commonly referred to as “Ganesha”. Worshipped as the remover of obstacles, (note the broken chain at upper left) this deity also places obstacles in the path for those who need to be checked.

Ganesha is connected to the Hindu mantra “Om” and personifies the primal sound.

The symbols of Ganesha are meant to bestow life lessons to help steady the mind and evolve with spiritual positive progression.

Some of the symbols included in this 30” x 40” acrylic on canvas painting are: one tusk, the trunk. blessings, a mouse, OM symbol and the Ganesha symbol.

Ganesha 30 x 40.jpg


The collection is called RAG13. A reflection of how technology and lifestyles have changed and altered our lifestyle dramatically. EVERYTHING WE DO CAN BE TRACKED AND MANY OF US OFFER INFORMATION FREELY ABOUT ALL OUR MOVEMENTS, PURCHASES, LIKES, DISLIKES, WHO WE ARE WITH AND SO MUCH MORE.

We have given up certain rights, created suspicion, placed cameras everywhere to live in a somewhat safe society. OUR SMART TV’S, PHONES, COMPUTERS ARE All equipped to records us in some fashion. then we have passwords and usernames we need to remember. there are codes when can use to use to find who is observing us.

there’s more to read in the “About” section of

DATA DRIVEN 16 X 20 (2.5).jpg


Mornings begin with sunshine so I chose Golden Benz Yellow Medium to start the journey of this CANVAS. Take action, sit back and allow for vibration, take more action, feel inspired, and trust in exploration to lead to that “Aha”!! moment.

Running visuals in my mind of the methods I have used to spread paint or create patterns as a foundation. LAYErs and layers will occurr and possibly the addition of a black and white abstract painting on top of a very colorful painting. I like to think in adding layers, then uncovering colors and patterns with various tools.

This is part one of an ongoing blog in the development of this painting.



this was Another fun piece to create because it begins with an unknown direction. It’s like the start of a new day where we begin with the usual morning ritual. by nightfall when we return to bed, we will have gone through a variety of visual and auditory senses, detours, and other experiences which make the day complete. we start with some sort of plan, but a lot of it was spontaneous.

in my art, i often think about how can i do certain parts different than before? in this piece i decided to change the surface of the board and use @GOlden molding paste. this gave the effect of painting on a textured wall.

a portion of the coca cola design was added mainly because of the graceful letters and the stark red and white colors.

the black stripes of the fabric hinted for the inclusion of musical notes or piano keys but i chose the fender guitar shape instead.


“Man with a Burning Question” is a screen print on watercolor paper with acrylic paint and details using pen and ink.

First application I did for this work was to brush water onto the paper followed by adding acrylic paint and allowing the paint to spread out. The paper is then sits for a while until completely dry.

The original image was drawn and then “burned” onto the fabric of the screen which now serves for producing a desired quantity of prints. Burning is the term used to describe embedding an image which is on acetate, onto the screen using a powerful light source.

Next up is the process of securing the screen on a table, perfect paper alignment, making a test print and then the actual production.

In this video I added hand-embellishments after the printing using more acrylic paint and then pen and ink. “burning man with a question” now becomes a varied-edition where no two prints are alike beyond the central image.


After photographing water for over three years starting with a cheap camera and elevating to a powerful Canon 80D, I have been blessed to explore and discover on my own the magical beauty of water in frozen action.

A-16 x 20 TRAVELERS website.jpg

My photos are taken without the use of fancy filters or photoshop. If I don’t grab an exceptional photo, then so be it. the above picture “travelers” automatically shifted to black and white due to the intensity of the sun shining directly into the lens. It may take weeks to capture something exquisite or surreal worthy of exposure to the public.

The most interesting experience in taking these water pictures is that I enter a level of meditation, a sort of groove where I am connected to the water almost to the point where I know what image will appear.

there were times where people or animals would clearly be recognizable in these abstract fluid shapes. A thin sheet of water having droplets on the edge separating into droplets looking like planets.



Do you find that abstracts are creations consisting of thrown paint, random childish action done without much thought? Actually at times that might be true, but there are serious artists who create from emotion, from a level of consciousness.

This painting was a long process only because I have discovered that something has to occur at a deep level to know that I have reached completion. Different tools are sometimes used to find that connection even in ways I would never expect. In this painting for example, I suddenly used the pouring method of Jackson Pollock.

I like a level of control and really enjoy the surprises which occur from using the rotary sander to expose what’s below. Coming up though I will experiment even further with different surfaces and gels to make the paint create it’s own abstract for me to use as a background.


How can we make sense in a world that doesn’t ?

I, Me, Mine.

How many times do we encounter people who make us feel we live in their world? Life has become so distorted, deceptive and suspicious that even with the astronomically advanced technology at our fingertips making us all so much closer, we are at the same time distant and wary of our surroundings and each other.

Artificial Intelligence is stepping in to help us along in dealing with getting through life and little by little removing the need for humans to interact. Computers speaking to robots speaking to computers.

“All Together Now” is a 24” x 20” silk screen, hand embellished print. No two are alike in the treatment of pen and ink, watercolor and color pencils. Available in the SHOP for purchase.



When I walk around the cities of Cuba it’s like experiencing an enormous art gallery. The colors, sounds and visuals are of massive abundance. The distressed walls make for wonderful abstracts. The architecture is astounding with a level of construction no longer possible. The cars still remind us of a time when America had a very unique style.


This painting consists of a 57 Chevy, a glass of rum and coke, the bat logo, a cartoonish woman from the 30’s and at far left the words Cuba Libre (rum and coke)

Bacardi Elevators.jpg

The Bacardi Building is a most spectacular well preserved deco building in Havana. Absolute treasure of architecture, it stands proudly towering over Havana near the Capitol building. The smallest of details grabbed my attention when I spotted the logo on the door handle inside the building.

door 5.jpg


Another amazing talent gone so young but making a major presence at the Oscars on Sunday night.

28 years ago Freddie passed away and once again the old line of “time flies”, has to be spoken. But this time span has been at the supersonic level !! “C’est la vie”

Born Farrokh Bulsara then changed to Freddie Mercury, he came to this planet for the purpose of exploding into a musical genius and leaving behind a severe impact on millions of fans.

Curious to me is how his chosen name flows with the natural element of mercury which is that mercury is a transition metal element that is unique because it is the only metal element that exist in a liquid form at room temperature. Added to that, the planet Mercury has a surface temperature of 840˚ F and a temperature swing of 1,100 degrees in the opposite direction.

Perfectly unique !

Added to that, the planet Mercury has a surface temperature of 840˚ F and a temperature swing of 1,100 degrees in the opposite direction.


I created this sketch of Freddie a while back when I was in the stream of sketching and just felt like doing a quick portrait of him.



Another painting to explore possibilities, open and free to be what it wants to be. Over a span of a couple of weeks this piece went through various changes. Suddenly it took on the spirit of Jackson Pollock.


This large abstract measures 72” X 72” and is a mixed media of acrylic paint, newspaper, color pencil and fabric. Taking on such a large piece of area heightens the excitement of what is to come. First to go on was the gesso paint and the fabric. A torn shirt was placed randomly on the canvas and once it had bonded with the drying paint it was then ripped away from the canvas.



The mystery and unexpected changes along the pathway to making abstracts is the thrill of it all for me.

The fun is in the random placement of paint using brushes, spatula’s, sponges and then sometimes using a rotary sander to remove some of the paint.

Also adding other elements like mediums and paper to help create textures and end up with a mixed media piece.

One of the artist I have enjoyed studying is deKooning. I search the internet looking for artists who inspire such as AJ Atwater and Elizabeth Kuth.

This work is still in progress and Part 2 will be posted at a later time.

Are you a fan of abstracts? Is there an abstract artist you follow?