SHORT FILMS are very attractive to me and I wish I could see the ones nominated each year before the presentation of the Oscars. Even in general, where does one see a short film? Maybe I have access to these and i’m completely unaware.

I find that having a limited amount of time to tell a story is much more difficult to achieve than in a feature film. Both categories can fail as well and leave you empty and yawning. Not being a film maker I wouldn’t know the complexities of both shorts and features.

This year the five short films are mostly about boys in trouble except for one french film “Marguerite”. From Spain comes “Madre” (Mother), which I read was shot primarily in one spot and almost in one take. This reminds me of “ROOM where I discovered the amazing talent of Jacob Tremblay and fell in love with this movie, both main actors and how it was made. I just watched him do his magic in the movie “Wonder”.

One of my favorite Hitchcock films is “ROPE” , mainly shot in one room and about ten takes were used in one location. Walls and furniture had to be quietly moved by the crew to make room for the camera as the scenes moved through the rooms.

What I really enjoy the most are movies with a small cast, which end with where the film began, and a few other requirements. Whats your favorite type of film? Do you have access to short films where you live?