After photographing water for over three years starting with a cheap camera and elevating to a powerful Canon 80D, I have been blessed to explore and discover on my own the magical beauty of water in frozen action.

A-16 x 20 TRAVELERS website.jpg

My photos are taken without the use of fancy filters or photoshop. If I don’t grab an exceptional photo, then so be it. the above picture “travelers” automatically shifted to black and white due to the intensity of the sun shining directly into the lens. It may take weeks to capture something exquisite or surreal worthy of exposure to the public.

The most interesting experience in taking these water pictures is that I enter a level of meditation, a sort of groove where I am connected to the water almost to the point where I know what image will appear.

there were times where people or animals would clearly be recognizable in these abstract fluid shapes. A thin sheet of water having droplets on the edge separating into droplets looking like planets.