“Man with a Burning Question” is a screen print on watercolor paper with acrylic paint and details using pen and ink.

First application I did for this work was to brush water onto the paper followed by adding acrylic paint and allowing the paint to spread out. The paper is then sits for a while until completely dry.

The original image was drawn and then “burned” onto the fabric of the screen which now serves for producing a desired quantity of prints. Burning is the term used to describe embedding an image which is on acetate, onto the screen using a powerful light source.

Next up is the process of securing the screen on a table, perfect paper alignment, making a test print and then the actual production.

In this video I added hand-embellishments after the printing using more acrylic paint and then pen and ink. “burning man with a question” now becomes a varied-edition where no two prints are alike beyond the central image.