Film Noir Inspired


Something strange has occurred lately and I am enjoying it very much. I like to sketch on my iPadPro and for some magical reason I fond myself sketching mysterious film noir inspired scenes. Having been a fan of the look of film noir I wound up trying to create moody night scenes with an element of bizarre or mysterious placement of people. The challenge to create mood lighting within Adobe Draw and a stylus which cannot be as fine as a sharpened pencil is tricky. So I found myself creating this image of two people on a starry night busy in their own worlds. The one thing I do on purpose is to illustrate an oddity to have the viewer question what is going on in the image. Here see one person focused on something indoors while someone is on the roof. If the person indoors was to look out the window he would see the shadow of the person on the roof. And who is this person on the roof? Criminal? Friend? Family member? Is there another person on the other side of this house where the ladder is?